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Our mission


To assist your Japanese business in achieving success, we provide the comprehensive International Tax & Accounting services.

Especially in a Tax advice for INBOUND (invest into Japan) and an Outsourcing services (Bookkeeping and Payroll etc.)

We can provide a variety of one-stop services to foreign corporations doing business in Japan, including accounting, payroll, and human resources-related administrative work. In accordance with each client’s request, we can also provide various reports to the CFO or the accounting controller of our client’s overseas’ headquarter.

Basically, we follow accounting methods of each client’s headquarter. Accounts name or reporting methods as well. Once the client grows to scale to need reporting for stake holders in Japan, we introduce other international accounting firm as we only focus on the reports for the client’s overseas headquarter and not consider Japanese accounting guidelines such as “中小会計要領 Chu-shou Kaikei Youryou (Small Business Accounting Procedure)".

Setting up a business in Japan.

When you set up a business in a foreign country, you have to envisage an impact from the tax point of view.

Well experienced specialist for International tax issues.

YITA is located in the central Tokyo.

Yamajo International Tax and Accounting office is staffed with highly experienced personnel in the field of international tax and accounting services.

London, UK.

Takashi Yamajo used to be work for PriceWaterhouse London office (Japan desk) from March 1994 to March 1997.