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Payment service / Financial Administrative services

To minimise your Admin burden
  • To minimise your Japan subsidiary / branch's Admin burden, we provide a payment service.
  • payment chart
  • payment schedule
  • 2. Steps (Example)
  • STEP 1:
  • (1) Expense report (Japan staff = Japan co representative ----> Approver = you) --- until 6th
  •  An Expense report would be sent from Japan staff to the Approver (You) by the 6th of the month.
  •  Cut off date of the expense report is the end of the previous month.
    (2) OPE / Invoices
  •  Payment information is provided by company to Yamajo T&A. --- until 10th
  • (3) Yamajo T&A report monthly payment list. until 20th
  • STEP 2:
  • (4) HQ controller / Japan co representative approve it. --- until 23th
    STEP 3:
    (5) Money is transferred /remitted into payment account. --- until 23th
    STEP 4:
    (6) Salaries, expenses, taxes are paid by the internet banking.--- on 25th
    STEP 5:
    (7) Yamajo T&A prepares Payment report on the end of the month / 1st day of the following month. Descriptions would be filled in English on the Bank statement of the internet banking.

Sample of payment report (Excel list)

Sample of payment report on Internet banking

  • English memorandum are added on it.
bank statement

You can save money!

  • Your benefit - You can save at least JPY 200K instead of hiring Admin staff.