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Payroll services

We will provide pay roll services as below.

1. Settlement of OPE (Out of Pocket Expenses)

OPE (Out of Pocket Expenses) for business expenses will be reimbursed after a review and an approval by a chief staff of Japan entity or a controller of the headquarter.

2. Salary calculation, over time and gross up.

Over time salary calculation can be made. gross up salary calculation can be provided for an expatriate staff for fringe benefit etc..

3. Pay slip

4. Salary payment

We will remit net salary to each employee from a company bank account on salary pay day.

5. Year End Adjustment (in December)

Under the Japanese individual tax law, there is no self-assessment obligation for salary paid person on their salary income.

Tax burden settlement of employee is made by the employer. When salary is paid in each month, withholding tax is deducted from salary by employer through Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system.

At the final salary payment of the calendar year, Year End Adjustment on individual tax burden would be made by the employer since life insurance deduction etc are taken into accounted at the calculation.

6. Social insurance and Labour insurance

Filing for social securities and labour insurance (employment insurance and labour accident insurance) reports are made by external affiliated licensed HR specialists (Shakai-hoken Roumshi).