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Setting up GK(Japan subsidiary)→Fee for incorporation

>When an US company sets up a subsidiary in Japan, there is an option for KK (Joint stock company) or GK (Japanese LLC) as the business entity in Japan.

The US company should examine from both an US tax point of view and a Japanese business point of view.

We would support for your feasibility study together with your CFO and/or a tax advisor in US.

(Note)You can reorganise KK--> GK or GK-->KK after the incorporation at any time under some conditions.

Incorporation procedures for setting up Godo Kaisha (Japanese LLC).

STEPS YAMAJO Office and the affiliated
juridical scrivener
Shareholder = Parent company
I. Advance Preparations 
1. Decide basic matters (e.g., company name, company objectives, address of head office, paid-in capital, accounting period, bank for accepting share subscription money, etc.) Send a 'Questionnaire' to the parent company Answer the 'Questionnaire'
2. Search for similar company name The same address and the same company name is not be able to register.  
3. Preparation of Articles of Incorporation Prepare  
4. Company seal etc 1) Acquire seal for promoters / company / representatives at a seal carver.
2) Obtain certificate seal registration at ward office.
II. Company registration 
5. Payment for Capital Money remittance for Capital.  
6. Register. The juridical scrivener do it.  
7. Completion of register  
8. Notification under the Foreign Exchange Law Report via Bank of Japan by the 15th of the following month.  
9. Open a bank account     
10. Tax registration etc With Legal Affairs (Tax, social securities and labor office)